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Pfänder makes your buildings and spaces efficient and intelligent

The innovative service provider with 30 years of experience

Pfänder makes your buildings and spaces efficient and intelligent

The innovative service provider with 30 years of experience

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Air conditioning-refrigeration technology
Access controls

A power network is created in this way

Optimisation to the limits of the feasible

Project planning

Plan sensibly with creative powers

The careful and well thought-out project planning is the fundamental foundation for the successful realisation. In close co-operation with our customers, we determine the requirements of the system and develop solution proposals for building automation that ensure the implementation of state-of-the-art customer requirements.

At the most modern CAE workplaces, our engineers and technicians with the help of e-plan create detailed planning documents for your project.

Included in this, among other things, are circuit diagrams with switching cabinet elevation, measuring records, material, parts and cable pull lists as well as detailed system diagrams, which also contain a functional description of the software.


Quality is programming

In addition to meticulous planning and carefully crafted design, the professional programming of controls is one of the most important components of successful building automation.

Our employees use sophisticated programming tools and always keep themselves up-to-date in regular training sessions and workshops. Here too: User-friendliness above all else!

The result of this approach to work is cleanly structured and programmed building management systems that correspond to customer-specific requirements and function reliably.


Typical for Pfänder: Correctly dealt with at first sight

A good visualisation system provides much more than just illustrating technical processes. For us, visualisation means that you can recognise important operating conditions at a glance and receive quick and clear information on deviations from the norm.
The overall concept must also be appropriate. A visualization overloaded with unnecessary additional functions can be just as inappropriate as software with missing features. In concrete terms, this means that your visualization software must show exactly what you need.

Web technology

Trust in a functioning network

Whether the MCR technology of the building runs smoothly can be easily queried remotely using our web technology. However, not only individual functions can be checked on-line but also an operator support as well as error limitation and elimination are possible.
A browser interface serves as control tool that is compatible with quite different devices and operating systems. These can range from the mini-web panel via smartphones to notebooks and desktop PCs. Always wherever you are: With our web technology for building automation, you have everything under control at all times.


Reliably equipped for the future

Based on the circuit diagrams developed in the project planning, we build the system and customer-specific switching cabinets. We rely on the fabrication in our own company. Thus, we can guarantee our high quality standards.
We rely on proven and reliable components in switching cabinet construction. Among other things, housings from Rittal, power technology from Siemens, coupling relays from Finder, clamp technology from Phoenix Connect and handheld operating elements from Romutex are used.
After fabrication, all functions are thoroughly tested to ensure the smooth co-operation of hardware and software.


Start free for long running times

After installation and testing of the switching cabinets, we carry out commissioning on site in consultation with the customer.
Our efficient and well-trained commissioning teams supply and install the switching cabinets on site, install the electrical technology and ensure the assembly and connection of the field devices. In the next step, we put the system into operation and carry out the data point check. When subsequently all the supplies - heat, water, electricity, cooling - are available, the commissioning of the software and the adjustment work will start.
After completion of the commissioning, we will train the building engineers responsible for   your building, a readjustment taking place after some time, if needed.


Service readiness around the clock for 365 days a year

Our customers receive an emergency telephone number for quick deployment in case of repairs or faults, with which they can reach our capable service centre at any time. In this way, the downtime of your building control system is kept to an absolute minimum.
We quickly and easily agree deployment dates with our customers, create fault diagnoses in on-line dialogue and work out suitable measures within a very short time. Also, change or expansion requests of our customers are recorded together and worked out. You can count on it: we are always there for you.
In addition, our service centre is responsible for co-ordination and training of all employees.

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Cloud energy visualisation

Get rid of old burdens. Start off for the future.


With the Pfänder Energy Cloud HMI, all technical processes of one or more buildings can be visualized and monitored. Thanks to the cloud, different sites can be managed with one central system.

Consumption under control

Data from existing energy meters for electricity, gas or water can be recorded and elegantly analyzed by AnyViz. If these data are made available to the building users, they benefit from a higher transparency. They can then reduce their own energy consumption.

Optimize the HVAC system

The monitoring of HVAC systems can reduce energy and maintenance costs sustainably. Owners, planners, and technicians can plan and run optimizations together because they all have access to the building management system. This contributes to faster amortization of building automation.

IoT and Industry 4.0

Experience the digital future today and profit from the smart factory. Data recorded from all sites and controls together with elegant evaluations allows you to analyze processes at any time. Work in a team with different devices from anywhere in the world. Condition Monitoring lets you know immediately if faults or set point violations occur.


HVAC software development for CODESYS©

Find here, for the CODESYS© development environment, varied libraries and functions for all to do with building automation. 

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